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Sue Simon

I started my Holistic journey 20 years ago and I have never looked back.

I am a Reiki Master, Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Reflexologist. My two greatest passions are my twin Grandchildren and my energy work.

My greatest Reiki experience was volunteering to do Reiki on cancer patients for 5 years, I now feel honored to teach Reiki so more healers can bring joy to the world.

  • I have been a Hypnotherapist for 7 years. I love to do hypnotherapy because it is an honor to assist people to release smoking and other addictions to add years to their lives. Hypnosis can be used to release weight, unhealthy habits, or traumatic experiences.

  • I have just finished writing a Birthing with Hypnosis, Experiencing Childbirth with ease and grace.I hopes this will enable women to be more relaxed and have less pain during childbirth and also less stress after the baby is born.

  • I have made it my mission to teach about the safety of our Health and Beauty products and finding affordable safe alternatives, I have done many talks in the area in order to educate and empower people.

  • I am a passionate advocate for animals and support and fund raise for PAWS of Tinley Park, a local no kill shelter.




Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that is completely natural and involves deep relaxation, focused concentration and voluntary acceptance of a suggestion.



Reiki is a natural healing energy that is practiced in every country in the world. Reiki stimulates the immune system and accelerates the healing process.


$50 – 60 minute session

$150 – 4 x 1-hr Sessions

$100  – 1×60 minute 1st Session

$60 Subsequent Sessions

$35 – 30 minute treatment

$125.00 – 1 x 60 min. Session

$325.00 – 3 x 1 hr. Sessions

$100  –  1 x 60 minute Session

$350  –  4 x 1 hour Sessions

$125.00 – 1 x 60 minute Session

$325.00 – 3 x 1-hr. Sessions

Relax. Release. Rejuvenate.